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This site is going to cause me problems, I can tell..

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These boxes would be awesome for extra storage in a large built in counter top work bench. Stolen pics, there are much better examples on this site.

I don't think the Husky's are anywhere near as nice as the Harbor Freight 42" I have the 36" maybe its 32"? Not a bad deal for what it is, but I'd rather shop the used market and find a much better built Cman box for around the same money. I've considered buying a few small rollers like this for power tool stands.

I think they would work great for that, and allow me to organize my crap by what machine they go with. That's exactly what I have in mind for mine. I have a drill press and a bench grinder on a 'kitchen island' cart thing I acquired when my wife was going to get rid of it. Needless to say, the particle board construction isn't holding up to well..

Tormach 1100m

Plus this will give me lots more drawer space than it. Usually those are built into your SYWR account and cant be transferred Not true, they can be used by anybody, but they're only good once.

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Great ideas. I wish I had that kind of imagination.

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It's definitely better than my kitchen cart I was using, but nowhere near the quality of my other Craftsman boxes. I would be upset if I had paid full price. It will work for what I intend to use it for so I'm happy I got it still. Cheers, BW.


No big deal Bob. We can agree to disagree. Quote from your first paragraph, Hold up your right hand with the index finger extended and the thumb up, like you're simulating a gun. Now extend your second finger at right angles to the index finger. Those three fingers are now pointing in the directions of positive X second finger , Y index finger and Z thumb. Great work on the tutorial by the way. Greg, no need to disagree, understanding is better. The passage you quote is accurate, but you must also apply the part I mention about the spindle to have the whole story.

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The handedness of a CNC coordinate system is always relative to the spindle, not the table which is assumed to be stationary by convention. So the diagram in the article shows the table motions we're more familiar with, precisely to make the point that it doesn't look much like a right handed system.

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  • In fact it looks very much like a left handed system. Looking at it from the spindle perspective is therefore key. Whatever the table is doing, the direction is reversed when you think about it from the spindle's perspective. So reverse those arrows and you'll find it is indeed a right handed system after all. I added that discussion after doing a lot of research to understand why so many were saying CNC prefers a right handed system even though everything I looked at appeared to be left handed.

    Sorry Bob but the reference that you gave supports the fact that you made an error.